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STYLE: Linen Love.

STYLE: Linen Love.

Linen is IN!

And the dress I’m about to show you took me two trips to the store to decide on.

It was one of the extremely hot days we had a few weeks ago.

In between jobs, I eat lunch, and you’ll find me racing through a store quick to see if I can find anything cute for cheap.

That day, a few weeks ago, it was Target.

I had worn all black that day (my HUGE mistake), and was looking for something quick to lighten up my wardrobe and self.

I tried on a few tops and some dresses…Immediately assuming I would need the biggest size, 4X, for it all, as a lot of times I end up being the biggest size.

Not this time.

Folks, I have a new obsession with two ladies named Ava & Viv.Ava & Viv.

I remember a few years ago when Target had a very bare plus size section. There were some things I absolutely LOVED, and still love, such as the essential tees from Mossimo, where I would get the 4X in pretty much every color.

Then the store got a brand called what I believe was Pure Energy, and its 4X was huge! A TON of cute stuff, but I remember it not being so amazing that I would go and buy it.

Then Target decided it needed to cater to its plus size babes with Ava & Viv, and I am so thankful they did this.

The plus size section still may not be super huge, but its selection is so much better and so much more diverse.

Women’s Plus Size T-Shirt Dress Yellow Stripe – Ava & Viv™ $24.99

I tried on a t-shirt dress (pictured above, shop it by clicking the picture!) that had mustard and gray stripes in a 4X first. I compared it to the 3X and decided it was just not good for my shape.

Then the linen shirtdress (pictured above, shop here). Light, airy and COMFORTABLE. It has a white slip underneath it so you don’t need to wear an actual slip. It has a belt and tie to play around with. The 4X looked good, but it was baggy around the armpits. I grabbed the 3X and it fit like a glove. It looked SO good, folks.

But in that moment a few weeks ago, I didn’t buy it.

Closer to a week ago now, I decided to go back and see if it was still there.

Thankfully, that 3X was still there, and I bought that dress and over the weekend, wore it to work.

After work, I decided to take it to one of the local city parks near where I work, and do a photo shoot to show you all what this dress can do.

Take a look!

Can I share a secret?

If I had to choose between dresses and pants, I would usually choose pants.

I used to feel so much more uncomfortable in dresses and skirts.

Now, I feel a gazillion times more confident rocking dresses, especially shorter dresses like this. For the extreme hot days, ladies, this is perfect!

And less than $30? It’s a steal!

Shop here! And HAPPY SHOPPING! 🙂

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