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STYLE: I Call This The “Kat Sunshine” Dress.

STYLE: I Call This The “Kat Sunshine” Dress.

A woman the other day sees me in the following dress and goes “Look at you wearing that short dress, you go girl!”

I was happy she said that, yet at the same time, it made me think.

Is it unusual for a plus sized lady to wear a short dress? 

Me, I don’t think so, but it clearly isn’t something people notice all the time.

Let me say this: plus sized women are allowed to wear short dresses.

Or long dresses.

Or bikinis.

Whatever they dang well want!

Which brings me to this fantastic dress that I got for 50 % off:

Now, I didn’t know this until I started writing this blog, but there are actually two versions of the dress, the normal women’s sizes (left) and plus sizes (right). When I was in Old Navy Outlet recently, I saw this on the rack, three of these in fact, in size XXL. There were no plus sizes at the physical store (its plus size collection is online only). Old Navy’s plus size line tends to run a little larger than your normal size, so I would definitely order a size down in general from them.

One thing to note about this gem, however. When wearing a short dress and you have big hips/big butt, be mindful of when you bend over, perhaps do the squat instead of the bend? Ha!

I tried on the XXL in the store and it fit like a glove. I LOVE the lime color, to me it represents sunshine and happiness. Me in a nutshell.

Hence, I present to you what I’m calling the “Kat Sunshine” dress:

Old Navy has been having some crazy-awesome sales, and you need to jump on the sale train with me!

All aboardddddd 🙂

Shop these two sleeveless dresses here (for sizes XS-XXL) and here (for sizes 1X-4X).

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