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STYLE: Getting my Zenni’s, Part Two

STYLE: Getting my Zenni’s, Part Two

The time has come.

In just about a week’s time (versus the two weeks its website said), Zenni Optical has delivered.

And I’m not just talking about the physical delivery of my glasses.

I’m talking quality, the look of the frames, and how good they look on my face!

I am thrilled to now reveal my new Zenni Optical frames, #justgotmyzennis :

The frames came in this super cute blue bag that was very easy to open!

Inside, the frames were tightly enclosed inside Ziploc-style baggies, wrapped in an adorable cleaning cloth.

::::drumroll please::::

Aren’t these mah-velous?!

I was looking for cute frames that showed off my personality, and boy are these them!

Here are links to shop the frames I bought:

Cat Eye Glasses

Gold Premium Aviator Sunglasses

My dad took one look at the sunglasses and thought they were Michael Kors!

And do you know how much I spent?!


“WHAT?!” ,you all say.


Take a look at the first part of my series to see how easy it is to pick out and order frames for yourself!

And while you’re browsing, I invite you to check out my Lifestyle Connection TV episode where I show you what these look like in 3D 😉








Have you ever shopped for glasses online before?

2 thoughts on “STYLE: Getting my Zenni’s, Part Two”

  • I need to check these out! I just went to the eye doctor and didn’t really need or want to pay for new glasses but kind of want a new pair to try!

    • Yes!!!! You totally should check these out- the pupillary distance thing is so easy to figure out with the ruler they give you to print out! Definitely worth looking into – I am loving my new glasses and sunglasses ! 🙂

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