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STYLE: Getting My Zenni’s, Part One

STYLE: Getting My Zenni’s, Part One

Ah, the days of going to the eye doctor.

Looking in all the machines the optometrist uses, being asked “this one or that one?” “Number one or number two?”

Then comes the super fun part: picking your glasses.

I always enjoyed this part; working with a salesperson to pick out the frames that look best.

But as glasses-wearers know, even with insurance and discounts, it can cost a pretty penny.

That’s where online sites have come into play.

Sites like Warby Parker have been dominating with trendy glasses for less money and no insurance fees.

I’ve tried out several of these at-home try on sites, and I found a lot of the glasses were too small for my face.

However, one brand has me taking a chance and a gamble on the whole online glasses thing.

Meet Zenni Optical.

Launched in 2003 by two scientists, the premise of the brand is simply this: Doesn’t everyone deserve to look good while wearing an affordable pair of glasses? The company is based in the San Francisco bay area and its home is in a HUGE building where every single pair is manufactured in house. What turned me onto trying this brand out is not only the prices for the glasses but the fact they make not only prescription glasses but SUNGLASSES too! And CUTE ones at that.

It takes around two weeks to receive an order according to its website, as it goes through a very strict quality control process within its factory.

Whilst I wait for my two pairs of glasses (one regular pair, one pair of sunnies), I shall walk you through the Zenni way of ordering!

The two big things you need to know:

  1. Your prescription from your most recent eye exam
  2. Your PD (aka Pupillary Distance)

I am nearsighted and have astigmatism in one of my eyes.

Reading and understanding my prescription, however, is another story (I’ll spare you my numbers).

After you sign up for an account, you’ll first need to take these numbers and input them in.

Good thing all you need to do is just go to the “My Prescriptions” section on Zenni and fill out the online forms! It makes things totally easy for you.

The PD was something I needed to read up on before the next steps. The pupillary distance is the distance between your two pupils.

But why do we use this when ordering frames? Here’s an infographic straight from Zenni:

I ended up printing out the PD ruler the site had on its site (very handy!) and measured the distance myself (which was around 70 for me, I hope that’s right!).

Once you input all of these numbers in, it’s time to browse its HUGE selection of glasses and sunglasses. The site has glasses starting at $6.95! WHAT! Talk about inexpensive.

Here are some samples of frames I looked at. You’ll first see the Zenni Frame Fit picture of me, where I uploaded a looking straight ahead smiling picture of me to the site to virtually try on frames:

I love vibrant colors and frames, and I am impressed at the HUGE selection of unique frames at such a low cost! Check out a small sampling of what I tried on:

Those blue ones are $9.95! Insanity!

After perusing various frames and making sure the ones I picked fit my round face, here are the finalists I saved in “My Favorites:”

And ::drum roll please:: here are the ones I chose!

I am SUPER STOKED…Not only at the shapes and tints and styles of these frames, but the COSTS, including a few add-ons (including for my regular glasses, an anti-blue light coating for computers, YES!) !

Take a look at my order at a glance to see how much I spent (you won’t believe it!):

Basically, I spent $100 dollars on something that with insurance, could’ve cost me $400 +.

It’s worth a shot.

I especially took the time to read the reviews before buying these frames too. The reviews on both pairs I got were overall positive.

Another big tip I have for you:

Check out for discount codes! The customers I have in the store I work at use this site ALL THE TIME to see if there’s a coupon for clothes. It works, and that’s exactly what I used to get 10% off for trying this out.

Be sure to look out for part 2 in the coming weeks where I show you how they arrive, what they look like and how they fit!

Have you tried online glasses shopping before? 

Have you tried Zenni Optical before?

What’s your favorite shape of glasses frames?

Comment below!

**NOTE: This is not a paid advertisement / partnership with Zenni Optical, I had an interest in learning about the company and its frames and wrote this/did this on my own accord. The same goes for Retail Me Not.**

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