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STYLE & FOOD: Kat’s Picks of September and October!

STYLE & FOOD: Kat’s Picks of September and October!

Hello friends,

I hope you’re all doing well.

You’re probably wondering where I’ve been (absolutely missing you!).

work work work work work.

There’s been a lot of changes for me in the past few months, even leading up to now. I appreciate you staying with me!

Whilst I get back into the swing of things here on the blog, here are some photos of looks in the past two months of mine I absolutely love:


Last month I had the pleasure of visiting one of my best friends, Kelley for her 30th birthday! We lived it UP like the VIP she is; wining and dining the best places Chicago has to offer. I didn’t realize how cold it would be (as my phone said the weather would be a lot warmer than it actually was!), and I needed a coat. I ended up going to a store I’ve never been to but heard so much about named¬†ROSS. It’s like Marshalls/TJ Maxx, but even cheaper deals! I got the bomber jacket you see in the first few photos in a size 3X for $17.99. It was a perfect, bold, flirty staple I could wear in the 40-50 degree weather (plus wind of course!) happening in Chi Town.

You’ll see me in a picture with a guy in the second photo; that is a very talented musician who set up karaoke on the streets of Chicago. I ended up singing two songs and drawing a (small) crowd. Unbelievably amazing, and the coat came in handy!

The skyline picture you see (#3) is a look I’m really thrilled about putting together! It’s an all Torrid look, from head to toe. I LIVE by their premium black leggings! Trust me ladies; these are the best plus size leggings for you out there. I get the size 5 so I have enough room to cover my tummy; they’re smoothing and the thick material keeps you warm. I am so thrilled babydoll tops are coming back; and in the third and fourth pictures, you’ll see how I rocked two of them from Torrid.

I’ll list those tops below (click the respective pics to shop!):

Floral Print Strappy Babydoll Top, $38.90
Floral Print Button Front Babydoll Top, $38.90


And the SHOES in the third picture! I brought the wrong flats to Chicago, and I ended up going to the Torrid in downtown Chicago and those ladies had the HOOK UP of these fabulous size 12W flats that I now wear with all of my outfits. Shop those by clicking the picture below:

Elastic Ankle Strap Almond Toe Flats (Wide Width), $39.99

The fourth picture showcases a ruby red statement necklace that I’ve received compliments about. While it looks very expensive, it was SO cheap! Always check out the clearance jewelry sections at stores; you never know what gems you’ll find on the cheap; this time for me it was from Torrid (and I barely wear jewelry!). Click here to see the ones they currently have in stock online!

The highlight of the past few months was my Chicago reunion with my best Kelley as I haven’t seen her or any of my midwest friends in a few years. My best Katie actually ended up secretly surprising me at a bar too; where I legit cried as what occurred was out of a movie.

I can’t show you pictures of Chicago without showing you some of the fantastic eats I had while there!

When you go to Chicago, you definitely need to hop on the pizza train ASAP. The question is, which one do you choose? The two pizzeria’s people talk about often are Giordano’s or Lou Malnati’s.

My uncle used to ship my brother and I frozen Giordano’s pizza’s overnight to CT where you’d just bake it in the oven and voila an authentic deep dish pizza! We always looked forward to those pizzas. Having the real deal Chicago pizza in the flesh is a whole ‘nother experience.

Life changing? Perhaps.

The pictures above are from Lou Malnati’s; we got the Chicago Classic and the LOU. You can’t go wrong with either really, but if I had to choose my fave; it’d be the Chicago Classic with all the meats! The buttery, light crust takes it over the top. You really do need to eat it with a fork and knife too; as its quite literally a pie! I haven’t been to Giordano’s in person yet, but I gotta tell you; definitely, go to Lou’s for pizza. Seriously!

Now people ask me, “Kat, which do you prefer: Chicago or New York pizza?!”

I can’t compare, sorry. They’re two COMPLETELY different pizzas in their own levels of excellence.

Here’s the birthday girl in the middle, myself, and our friend Alison at another Chi Town restaurant:

And then there was Safe House. An experience that I don’t even want to give away as you need to experience it for yourself (I can’t be giving away their secrets!). All I’ll tell you is it’s a spy-themed restaurant, with damn good burgers that aren’t super pricey. As they say, they’re Chicago’s Best Burger, it’s worth taking the trip for both the experience and the food:



My girl Kelley knows how to pick restaurants, folks. Another fellow foodie and an incredible friend, she picked a gorgeous Italian restaurant called Quartino for brunch the Sunday we were there. It’s like stepping into Italy. It’s all about small plates and sharing food with one another. Check out the white bean and garlic dip, and rigatoni in a lamb ragu sauce I got below!

I realize this is only a very small taste of what Chicago has to offer, but I gotta tell you; these are spots worth traveling to if you’re there.

And thank goodness for a good pair of flats I found along the way (and a cute bomber jacket that kept me warm)!

More to come soon, again, thanks for sticking with me!








Have you been to Chicago?

What are your favorite restaurants and stores in Chicago?


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