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POSITIVE VIBES: 7 Ways To Give Without Breaking the Bank

POSITIVE VIBES: 7 Ways To Give Without Breaking the Bank

Something to note about your girl Kat: I am a lover, and a giver.

If I had the money to do so, I would donate to charities of my choice, all the time.

There’s something very rewarding about giving to help others, along with it being very humbling and positive.

On many occasions, if I have spare change taking up space in my purse, I have taken that change, headed to my nearest Coinstar machine, and donated that change to one of the charities. It’s not much, ranging between $.50 – $5.00, but it’s something that I have always enjoyed doing.

And guess what?!

I’m a Millennial!

According to a New York Times article published in November of 2016:

…its members are showing little interest in the types of philanthropic organizations that were preferred by their parents and grandparents. Instead, they have unleashed many of the same skills and values that helped to revolutionize everything from communications to political organizing to reimagine charitable giving.

The article goes on to say how we millennials expect transparency from organizations, donors will not only give money but volunteer their time to a cause/causes they believe in, and issues us “charitable young” are into include education, health care and the environment. It also says we want to see how our money if we choose to donate, is being spent.

Without even looking at articles, I can tell you off hand that we millennials love crowdfunding, with the rise of sites such as Kickstarter and GoFundMe to help others with goals and dreams.


So besides crowdfunding, how else can you pitch in with some positive vibes?

Here are some easy ways to help and give to others without breaking the bank:

  1. Coinstar
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Donating to a charity of your choice via Coinstar is easy. The other great thing about donating your coins versus taking that change for yourself at the machine? It doesn’t take out a fee, unlike if you had taken the spare change and converted it into cash for yourself! As its website says, every penny counts. Some of the charities you can choose from include American Red Cross, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Children’s Miracle Network hospitals and UNICEF.

2. Buy an Alex and Ani Charity by Design bracelet

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Look stylish and supporting amazing charities?! Sign me up! And you can too. The folks at Alex and Ani are all about positive energy; so much so they’ve partnered with incredible charities to help you look stylish for great causes. I personally have a bracelet from them that supports Unified Theater. Spanning 60 schools nationwide; the non-profit organization “dissolves typical barriers between youth through transformative, school-based performing arts programming.” The theater program brings together people who have and who do not have disabilities and put together performances all done by themselves. I chose to support this charity as the arts mean the world to me. I participated in a theater program in middle school where I did theater with people who have disabilities, and I loved it. There are so many charities you can choose from; the bracelets are super cute and come in either gold or silver. Most are about $38 and can be found here. A percentage of your purchase goes to the charity; the percentage is listed with the bracelet(s) you choose.

3. Amazon Smile

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Did you know that if you shop at Amazon you can support a charity of your choice?! It’s true, with a catch. You need to enter in the specific link to shop for a cause: . If you have an Amazon account you can choose which charity you would like to support with your purchase. It may not be much you donate (right now it says my order generated $.18 for the charity of my choice, VH1 Save the Music Foundation), but as I say, it’s a little something, without breaking the bank.

4. Volunteer

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If you can’t necessarily shell out any cash/change, volunteering is priceless. To be able to help make a person’s day through giving them a warm meal, or helping in their time of need, is huge. Whether it be a soup kitchen (i.e. LI Cares here on Long Island) , a local nursing home or helping in a neighborhood clean up, there are plenty of options to choose from!

5. Make eye contact and smile with someone new…daily

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A way to spread positivity without breaking the bank: making eye contact and smiling at someone new, daily, for 10 seconds. More than likely, they’ll smile back at you. And if they don’t, know you helped bring some positive energy into their day they so very much need.

6. Pay it forward at the drive thru / food counter / coffee shop

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Paying it forward = great karma. If you have a few dollars to buy the person behind you a coffee, they will surely feel the positivity radiating from either that food and/or drink you bought them.

7. Donate directly to a local chapter of a charity of your choice

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Knowing you made an impact locally is huge. Many of the bigger charities have local chapters where you can volunteer your time and/or donate directly to them (i.e. American Heart Association – Long Island).









Do you donate to charity?

If so, what’s your favorite charity to give to?

How do you practice kindness daily?

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