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POSITIVE VIBES: 10 Things I Learned In My 20’s

POSITIVE VIBES: 10 Things I Learned In My 20’s


I’ve stepped into a new decade with a brave, bold and happy heart.

And with that, comes fresh ideas, goals, and a new start.

But before I fully dive into decade number three, there’s got to be some reflection about my 20’s, right?

Here are 10 (of the MANY) things I learned while in my 20’s:

1.It’s OK to fail. 

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Simply put: without mistakes, we aren’t really living to our fullest potential. (See #2). Failure is a part of life. We rise from it, and grow stronger from it. We become better human beings (and as they said, to err is human).

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2. I put way too much pressure on myself, A LOT.

It’s so easy to feel like you need to live up to someone’s expectations or say “Yes” to everything and everyone. It’s so easy to put pressure on yourself to try and be perfect for others or be perfect for yourself. Guess what? No one is perfect. REPEAT: NO ONE IS PERFECT. I used to get really upset over big mistakes. I still can get upset at these things, but I also try to take every failure/mistake as a learning opportunity to grow. It’s okay to get vulnerable and feel uncomfortable to unpack the feelings inside you.

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3. Sometimes, you’ve gotta just pack up and go.

It’s brave and totally awesome to pack up your life, and live somewhere unknown to you for a few years (or more, really). I had the best time living in the Midwest when I did. Was it easy? No. Did I make new friends right way? No! But today I still speak to my Midwest friends. You need to plant yourself into new situations (whether they be near or far) to figure out where you feel you belong and who you feel you belong with (friend or relationship).

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4. Friendship breakups can feel like someone died.

I had several friendship breakups in my 20’s. They’re hard, messy, uncomfortable and really sad. You literally go through a grieving process and can feel depressed from it. But trust me on this: live in that uncomfortable place, work through those feelings, and know that you will find people who are even more amazing friends than you could’ve ever dreamed of. OR the man upstairs will give you a chance to reconnect with said friends years later, work through your issues, and move forward stronger than ever before.

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5. Friends can become like family.

I have a few friends who I consider like family to me. They have been there through thick and thin, bad and good, tears and laughter, you get it. These are the keepers in your life. These are your people.

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6. Do things by yourself, with yourself and for yourself.

In order to love someone else, you need to love yourself first. At least that’s what I’ve been told many times! But self-love isn’t just so you can find the man/woman of your dreams, it’s so you fall in love with YOU and love everything about YOU! Treat yourself. Take yourself out on a date with yourself. As I say throughout this article, live in the uncomfortable. It’s totally brave and beautiful.

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7. Weight is just a number. 

It sure is! Our weight is always fluctuating. But don’t let it cloud your mind. Through self-love you can find body positivity in yourself, and learn to accept others more freely, and judge body types less. I am a women’s size 26/3X or 4X depending on the article of clothing. Weight, sizes, these are all numbers. When you’re in love with yourself, the thought of someone judging you for these things goes out the window.

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8. No matter how hard it may be, stand up for yourself. 

I used to hide away my feelings, A LOT. And I am a dual journalism degree holder! Being an extroverted introvert can be tough as kindness can be mistaken for weakness. Confrontation sometimes has made me physically sick. But once it’s over and your feelings are out there, don’t you feel better? I sure do. It’s OK to speak out about how you’re feeling. A hard lesson for me, but once again, living in the uncomfortable.

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9. Dance to the beat of your own drum.

Going on the self-love train once again, I realize that I do things that others may find “odd” or “weird.” I still watch Sesame Street from time to time. I love my dog stuffed animal I have in the car with me. Sometimes I speak in a really high-pitched Elmo-y/baby voice. That’s me. It’s OK to do you. Some people will call these flaws against you; I see it as sparkles in the beautiful diamond that is you. Do you.

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I used to think (and I feel this comes from watching a lot of TV) you had to have your sh** together by your 30’s. You’re supposed to have it all figured out: marriage, job, etc. Guess what? NOPE. You don’t! So many people are busting their asses every day, still trying to figure out it all in their 30’s.

We’re all in it together.

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BONUS: Sushi = amazing. 

The thought of eating sushi used to make me sick. I tried it in college and it was nasty. It wasn’t until towards the end of college when I would go to all you can eat sushi places and hibachi places with friends that I realized how amazing sushi really is. It’s fairly healthy, filling, and so creative too. Yum and YAY FOR SUSHI!







What are some things you learned in your 20’s?? Comment below!


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