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NYC: The Most Instagrammable Hot Spots of East Harlem

NYC: The Most Instagrammable Hot Spots of East Harlem

My best friend has been living in Harlem for several years now.

Aisha currently is rocking East Harlem: home to amazing food, scenery (have you SEEN those brownstones, friends?!) and art.

But not just any art, street art.

Harlem is full of beautiful historical places everywhere you go.

But have you ever taken a moment to appreciate your surroundings a little deeper…on perhaps…the walls?

In this article that Aisha sent me the other day with the idea of taking this walking tour and doing a photo shoot, you’ll find a map of the street art tour we went on!

On the upper UPPER East Side of Manhattan aka East Harlem lies Instagramming opportunities galore! We started at 106th and Park (remember that TV show?!) and worked our way over to 3rd Ave. We then headed north to 111th. In this general area, there were different murals covered in beautiful street art on walls next to restaurants, bodegas, and more.

Check out the photos from our day in East Harlem, and let me know if you’ve been!

This first stop, a gorgeous Welcome to Harlem mural, is right around 106th and Park at Central Park East High School:

Next stop, a mosaic mural as we headed over to 106th & 3rd Ave.:

Next stop, around 108th and 3rd on a wall next to a shop, a very bright, cool mural:

The next one was just about a block up, on 109th and 3rd… An homage to famous song, “Oye Como Va:”

One of my favorites was right by a private event venue for the restaurant Harlem Shake, around 111th between 2nd and 3rd, translated meaning “Love, Peace, Respect”:

Walking back up 111th towards Park and Madison Aves., we found more delightful pieces of art along the way:

And finally, the end of our tour landed us right in some gorgeous angel wings, back up around Park Ave.:

These are amazing pieces of Harlem’s vibrant, incredible history. Street art is something worth checking out, friends! And whip out your smartphones while you’re at it too 😉 .

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