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KAT’S PICKS: 12 Back To School Essentials (For The Pink/Sparkly Lovers)

KAT’S PICKS: 12 Back To School Essentials (For The Pink/Sparkly Lovers)

This is total geek-out time, folks.

Shopping is a passion of mine, especially when it comes to anything pink and/or sparkly.

So when it comes to all those out there heading back to school who need some extra pink or sparkles in their life (who wouldn’t?!) 😉 – this is for you.

Presenting 12 items you can pick up for back to school, regardless of age/grade/etc.

((Click each picture to shop!))

Lets start with some pens to get your writing game on:

  1. These retractible pens will be your new go-to. Promise.
Photo Credit:

Meet the brand Poppin. When you head to Staples to shop in store, you’ll see all kinds of cute supplies arranged by COLOR (think Charming Charlie but office supplies). For $9.99 for a 6 pack of these babies, you’ll be slaying the class game this Fall.

2. And for a little flair…

Photo Credit: Sweet 16 Party Store

…How about a feather pen?! Aren’t these fuzzy, fluffy, bold pens ADORABLE?! Back in the day, I used to LOVE feather pens like this at school! I would love to bring them back ;). I used to buy them at Limited Too (which to me Justice is the Limited Too of today)…Now you can get these creations for less than a dollar a pen by clicking the picture of them above!

You’ll need something to write in with your new pens…

3. So how about this notebook that both make you happy and crave dessert?!

Photo Credit: Francesca’s

For $12 you can pick up this notebook from Francesca’s, making class a very sweet occasion.

4. But for some sparkly shine…


Pour your heart out into this sparkly gold notebook for $12 at RedBubble.

5. And speaking of sparkly…here’s something to bind it all together ;).

Photo Credit: Staples

I saw these in person while at Staples last week and I am in LOVE with that pink one. I LOVED shopping for cute, unique binders back in the day and I just know you’re going to love these, especially at $9 a piece! YAS.

6. You’ll need a backpack for all of this though… 

Photo Credit: Forever 21

This Forever 21 find will have you stylin’ and profilin’ as you head to and from your locker (or class). And $17?! A STEAL!

7. But what happens when you get hungry?! You need something to keep your lunch cool! For the sparkly babes out there…

Photo Credit: Justice

There’s this sparkly kitty cat lunch bag that’ll keep your lunch looking fierce (and just $12.90 for this too at Justice!)

8. And for the hot pink babes out there…

Photo Credit: Etsy

The lime green compliments this SO perfectly! I love that you can put your name custom on it too (for $2 more). You can get this for less than $20 from Etsy.

From homework…to extracurriculars, you’ll be busy living that fabulous student life! How about a planner to keep everything in check?

9. My planner pick for the hot pink babes out there is…. :drumroll please:


Photo Credit: Staples

What’s called “The Happy Planner,” these come in all sorts of cute designs…And while it may be a little higher on the price point scale ($29.99 at Staples), it looks SO worth it. You’ll not only plan out your life, but you’ll get little positive boosts along the way!

Now for some fun accessories that are off the “staple” path…

10. For those times you really need to crunch some numbers…

Photo Credit: Staples

…This $9.99 hot pink calculator from Staples will help you solve ALL the equations.

11. Of course, you need to charge your smartphone…

Photo Credit: Justice

…So how about something for the Kat (I mean Cat 😉 ) lover in you?! This charges both iPhones and Android devices, so you won’t have to worry about buying one or the other. $19.90 at Justice!

12. And last but not least…stay hydrated throughout all this hustle.


Photo Credit: Victoria’s Secret

This $19.95 gem of a water bottle from Victoria’s Secret is perfect for some extra hydration throughout your day. I am a huge fan of all of its water bottles and have gone through two of them over the years. Gotta think Pink 😉


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