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KAT EATS: …The Leaning Tower of….CHEESE!

KAT EATS: …The Leaning Tower of….CHEESE!

Yes, you read correctly. 

I have found the leaning tower of cheese.

Mozzarella cheese, to be exact.

Right here on Long Island.

About a week or so ago, I discovered my friends at News 12 Long Island (did you know I used to work there? I did!) were having a Food Fight on its website.

Foodie influencers on Instagram based on the Island placed pictures on News 12 LI’s website and people voted on which restaurant they should check out.

This one picture absolutely stuns me, from @thegrubfather:

(Click this picture to see more of his amazing Instagram posts, he’s currently in Bowling Green, KY!)

Fried mozzarella…FRESH fried mozzarella, not en Carrozza or anything, covered in fresh pesto?! WHAAAAAT.

My brother and I share a love of fried mozzarella and went to check out this place in Northport, NY ourselves.

Meet Robke’s Country Inn, folks.

An unsuspecting place when you drive by. I’ve lived on Long Island on and off for ten years now and probably wouldn’t have noticed this place. It’s situated across from a Stop and Shop and has a very tiny parking lot.

You walk up to it, however, and you see the old world charm this hidden gem on Long Island brings.

A gorgeous wooden bar, an open, natural light-filled atmosphere filled with tables and whiteboards with its daily specials in all views to your eye.

The waiters are fantastic souls and right away took our order for the “Fried Mozzarella” tower.

Here’s the deal: you have to ask the waiter about it.

The waiter will then tell you how you can get any sauce on the menu on top of said fried mozzarella tower.


Vodka, fra diavolo, marinara…endless choices!

My bro and I love marinara, so we stuck with our basic fried mozz pairing.

About 5-10 minutes later, out came a masterpiece:

I MEAN…that cheese drip…. the breading…holy moly!

Buttery, crispy, crunchy perfectly cooked breading with the creamy, oozy mozzarella…MOLTO BENE.

Worth every penny that it is (nearly $15).

My brother and I have had many fried mozzarellas in our time thus far in life, and this was a top contender.

But not only was this a top contender, the lunch deal was a top contender too!

$12.95 entrees?! Nicely sized portions? YAS.

My brother and I both got the housemade pappardelle in its “secret veal sauce:”

You could taste the love in this dish. Every dish!

The sauce was a mix between vodka, bolognese, and ragu to me…Good amount of spices in it too. Beautifully tender chunks of veal and sauteed onions mixed in, amazing.

We couldn’t ask for better hospitality and a better meal.

Y’all need to get there and fast!

(The parking lot fills up quick during peak hours too… You may need to park at Stop and Shop across the street to park).

One thing you need to know: it is cash only, so bring those dollar bills.














Robke’s Country Inn

427 Fort Salonga Road, Northport, NY


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