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HOME DECOR: Kitchen Inspo. 4/21/17

HOME DECOR: Kitchen Inspo. 4/21/17

There’s something really fascinating about a well designed…kitchen.

I’ve always been inspired by kitchens. When I was little, I would go to the demo kitchens at Home Depot and pretend they were mine and make imaginary food.

Fast forward to today; I have a job in real estate where I see all kinds of different homes via MLS and emails on a day to day basis. I still love going to places such as IKEA and checking out the well-designed kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

In this new series I’ve decided to whip up, titled “Kitchen Inspo,” I’ll show you some of the designs I’m loving right now and what details I’m into.

Kitchen #1: Classy, New England Feel

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What drew me in right away was the HUGE stainless steel island with the huge hood. It makes you think you’re in a fancy restaurant’s kitchen, but you’re actually in your own home! The ovens are right there in the middle under the stoves for multi-task cooking with ease. There’s plenty of storage space in all of those drawers too. The cabinets and ceiling scream New England vibes and the lighting makes me think of fancy seafood restaurants: classy and elegant. Not to mention this kitchen has plenty of seating, including the gorgeous wooden bar counter and what appears to be a table by the window in the back. Love!

Kitchen #2: …That ceiling, though! 

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The rounded ceiling makes this kitchen shine! It has a very retro feel with modern elements mixed in. The lighting is simple yet gets the job done. The middle island is home to the stove and there’s a dual oven built into the cabinetry next to the stainless steel fridge. The dark wash cabinets with the glass cabinet mix, along with the countertops equals a stylish space. It seems as though there’s a lot here given the space; and whoever designed this was very strategic in placement.

Kitchen #3: Wild Wild West Meets Vintage Classic Design

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How cool is this?! A designer in Illinois took a horse stable and made it into a KITCHEN! From the wood spread from ceiling to floor; it makes you think farmhouse, yet modern pieces are mixed in! I LOVE the range with the coppery hood. Simply stunning! My eyes immediately are drawn to the island as well with the dishes hanging from the middle. Another very strategic use of placement.

Kitchen #4: If Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast With Tiffany’s designed a kitchen…

The Tiffany blue really got me on this one. You can’t help but stare at the cabinetry! The silver pieces go with the blue (as they would). I was surprised to see the KitchenAid was silver, however, yet I guess the person living in this house didn’t want Tiffany blue everything! It appears to be a smaller space, and having so many cabinet makes up for it. I love how the range blends in as well.

Kitchen #5: She’s a brick….kitchen! 

I could picture this type of kitchen in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The brick wall is super cool, along with the industrial-type feel I get form this entire kitchen: from the cabinets that look like tool cabinets, to the bars on the windows. The table in the middle I wish could be moved, but I bet it’s a small space. The tin ceilings with the chandelier are a fun mix too.

See any kitchens in your travels that inspire you? Message me/comment!

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