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POSITIVE VIBES: Hearting: the 411

POSITIVE VIBES: Hearting: the 411

There is a new social cue sweeping Instagram that I want to chat about.

I’m guilty of it myself and have become very aware of when I do it, why I do it, and why others seem to do this.

I’ve coined it as the term: Hearting.

You’re scrolling through posts on Instagram or Instagram stories.

You see something you like.

You write said person a message, expressing what you liked about their contact, whether it be a short message or long message.

You see a friend’s post and write them a DM expressing what you like about their post.

And then… this happens (something like this, I should note. The following conversation is a dramatization from another account I have to myself.):

It’s a friendly response, of course, the symbol of a heart. There’s nothing wrong with the heart itself. (I’m just glad it’s not an F you emoji or something!) 🙂

But I’ll tell you, after responding this way so much, and then finding myself being on the other end of it too, it felt very impersonal. 

I went to my Instagram and polled my followers. I explained this term I coined and asked if they have done Hearting too. The majority said yes.

We all lead very busy lives, of course. Sometimes we feel all we can leave to someone is a heart emoji.

I know especially when you have a lot of people writing you at once, sometimes you think all you can say is just an emoji.

But what about our actual heart?

Our actual words.

The simple emoji has become a social cue that either the conversation you’re in is ending, or the person who initiated the heart wants it to end, or they liked what you said but just want to show a form of quick appreciation.

I’d love to hear from you on the subject, as it’s a bigger, wider spectrum of a subject than just this. In a world of texting, what has become too impersonal for you?

Have you ever done hearting?

I look forward to hearing from you and starting a conversation. It’s something I’ve noticed and wanted to point out 🙂

While I can’t say I will completely give up Hearting, I certainly will try my best always to use words and actions (I LOVE HUGS!) 🙂 when spreading good vibes.

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