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FOLLOW FRIDAY: @nataliexcraig

FOLLOW FRIDAY: @nataliexcraig

Today we’re taking our Follow Friday to Chi Town, USA as I invite you to follow one fierce, fabulous plus size fashion blogger!

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Meet Natalie Craig, aka @nataliexcraig on Instagram and on the web as Natalie in the City.

This lady is a POWERHOUSE: while juggling her fabulous plus size life & style blog, she’s also an associate editor of a magazine in Chicago and has a B.A. in Multimedia Journalism from Columbia College Chicago.

Natalie launched her blog, Natalie in the City, in 2013, focusing on plus size fashion and body positivity.

Since 2013, she’s grown her following a TON, reaching more than 34,000 monthly page viewers, and over 19,000 monthly unique visitors on her website.

She has over 16,000 followers on Instagram!

Natalie’s collaborated with brands such as Torrid, Target, Coach and Lord & Taylor (to name a few).

She even was a model for a segment for the Steve Harvey Show, check this out!

What I personally love about her is her fierce, bold style, how she puts three pictures of her outfits up on Instagram so you get the full effect of the look she’s putting out there, and her fun personality!

Without further ado, here’s a collection of her Instagram photos I’ve curated for you to check out!

Isn’t she GORGEOUS?!

You go, girl.

She is a Lifestyle Connection making serious moves!

Follow her on Instagram here, and check out her website here!




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