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FOLLOW FRIDAY: @andrewmackenzi

FOLLOW FRIDAY: @andrewmackenzi

I am a huge networker and am building this Lifestyle Connection network, piece by piece.

Meet Andrew Mackenzi, @andrewmackenzi on Instagram. The blogger is based in Salento, southern Italy.

Andrew’s putting out fashion forward posts on the daily, along with Instagram Stories to make you swoon.

What I personally am loving about his Instagram page are the artistic qualities found in his photos. He really has an eye for the shots of himself he puts out there.

And boy, has it worked for him.

His IG launched in January 2015, and today has over 35,000 followers!


Without further ado, may I present a collection of his photographs from his IG that I’ve curated (and are my top favorites!):

And if you think you have seen it all, these are my top two favorite shots of mine!


Definitely give Andrew a follow on Instagram¬†by clicking here if you would like to see more of him and his awesome posts… he’s going places!

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