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BEAUTY: Have Fun With Yo’ Face!

BEAUTY: Have Fun With Yo’ Face!

The face mask is SO in, right?!

To me, it will ALWAYS be in.

(For instance: who has used a Freeman OR Montagne Jeunesse mask before? Raise your hand!)

But ones like this?! You’ve gotta have fun with yo’ face!

Meet the brand SNP.

These masks come all the way from South Korea (Seoul to be exact), have all sorts of awesome uses for your face, and the coolest part?

Each one is a different animal face!

Check this out:

For just $5 a mask, you can get a mask that not only gives you a quick facial but helps you add a little extra fun to your day.

When I was browsing Ulta a few weeks ago, I came across these and studied what each one would do for me and my face.

I ended up picking this one:


Processed with VSCO with m3 preset
Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Now, why the dragon, specifically for me?

The description will better explain:

Animal Dragon Soothing Mask Sheet by SNP is a soothing & vital mask that replenishes AC-Soothing Energy to reddened and sensitive skin to make skin healthy. Moisturizing coconut water, licorice, and Japanese knotweed extract calm sensitive skin while supplying moisture and excessive sebum to make skin clean and calm. Coconut water and AC – Soothing Energy Ampoule controls the oil and moisture balance in skin to keep skin at optimal conditions. Relieves irritated skin and suppresses excessive sebum to make skin healthy. Reinforces skin immunity to protect skin from the external environment. Coconut water effectively replenishes moisture in the body and contains high levels of essential electrolytes and potassium. It is called the ‘liquid of life’ in its pure and natural form. Made with natural pulp for highly concentrated essence to stay on skin longer. Real Animal Mask has a safe color element that does not stimulate skin, and its safe ingredients and new character design is satisfying in its texture and adds fun for a whole new experience!

I have a lot of redness, some acne, and sensitive skin. From seeing what the coconut water and all the other goodies packed in this would do for me, I knew I had to try this!

This week I was in the city for a really cool event with my brother and friends, and the next day I was SO tired…I wanted to give my face a recharge with the dragon mask!

Let it sit for 20 minutes on your face, like I did here while snuggled in my bed… Do I look dragonish?

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset
Processed with VSCO with m3 preset
Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Then, voila!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


It had such a nice cooling effect while on me; like I had a personal A/C system going on my face while in my bed. The mask’s remnants afterward didn’t feel too sticky either, my face ended up feeling soothed and smoothed!

It had a great spa-like scent and it made me smile to know that transforming into a dragon for a hot second resulted in a calmer, less red face!

Pick that one up here.

****AND, as a bonus, here are some fabulous, affordable face mask finds I’ve curated for you from Ulta, click the pics to shop the products! 

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