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…And thus begins the journey.

Lifestyle/entertainment/arts content = my life.

My dream has always been to combine my love of lifestyle/entertainment/arts with my love of media.

In 2010, I launched a blog called Kat EatsFrom reviews to videos and news about my love of food/restaurants, I posted a variety of content for nearly 7 years.

But what I realized within the past few years is that I am SO much MORE than what I thought I was. I needed to reignite my spark.

I thought previously “I want to be a Food Network host!” Now a host about what, I wasn’t entirely sure. I wanted to tell the stories behind dishes and the chefs who create them. A show that was a mix between Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Unwrapped and $40 a Day.

I love plus size fashion. One of my (many) childhood dreams was to be a fashion designer. I currently work in plus size fashion and love empowering women to look and feel their best.

Although I’ve been single for nearly 10 years, I love giving out dating advice to my friends.

I love home design/interior design, which inspired me to start working in real estate currently too.

I love makeup! I’m no makeup artist or expert whatsoever, but if there’s something on the cheap that I find and love, I would love to share that with you.

I want this website not only to give you inspiration for your daily lives, but I want to celebrate the many blogger sisters and brothers out there busting their asses daily to make you smile.

I’ve always wanted to host a show, and now as I get ready to turn 30 next week (eek!), now is the time to dive head first into this idea that has been brewing deep within my soul.

What I hope this will be is a celebration of all those around the world creating lifestyle content. A way to network with one another and celebrate the content you’re making daily. As I love networking and making connections with the ultimate goal of helping one another, this encompasses everything I want to do: connect.

To those brothers and sisters, thank you.

Welcome to the journey of lifestyle, positive vibes and love.

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